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How to choose saw blade suitable for portable table saws

Portable table saws are commonly used products along with hand saws because of their versatility, convenience, and savings in both labor and performance. Besides worrying about how to choose the best portable table saw. How to choose saw blades is also a problem for customers

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When there are so many brands of portable table saws on the market today, consumers are wondering what to choose. Choosing the right saw blade will not only help you use the product more sustainably and also make the operation more efficient. The ways to choose saw blades for the portable table saw below are hopefully useful information for you.

  • Criteria to select saw blades

Number of teeth of the saw blade

The blade with more teeth always makes the circuit more perfect, whereas the smaller number of teeth will make the cutting circuit coarser but cut faster. Therefore, when sawing wood cutting blades with a small number of teeth will be suitable, usually with common wood saw blades 254mm diameter or choose the number of teeth 24. A good wood saw blade will consume less engine power but makes the circuit rougher.

Cross-cutting blades are designed to provide a smooth cutting circuit without leaving marks on the wood profile. This type of saw blade is usually popular with the number of teeth from 60-80, more teeth mean that each tooth will remove fewer wood billets.

The distance between two serrated teeth

In the process of splitting the wood, the gap between the two teeth is larger, leading to faster speeding to push wood billets when sawing. In contrast to the cross-section, smaller wood surfaces require a finer cut so this distance also requires a smaller. On these cutting blades, deliberately creating small spaces is the manufacturer’s intention to limit the low-speed cutting, this is a special problem for multi-angle sliding saws. The flexible distance between two serrated blades is designed to ensure the best harmony between two purposes: sawing and cutting wood

Material saw blades

 The material of the saw blade will determine whether cutting is easy, fast and durable over time. If you choose to buy a quality saw blade of a famous brand, the saw blade will be suitable for the outer protective alloy layer to make the cutting and friction saw more smooth. This high-end coating will help increase your work performance and use your saw longer

Choose the thickness of the saw blade

Choosing the thickness of saw blades is extremely important. The saw blade is in direct contact with the wood, so during cutting will increase the temperature of the saw blade to change or damage the saw blade. The thickness of the blade depends on the diameter of the wheel, and the work to be done. The thick blade will withstand the high pressure of cutting from straight cuts of high thickness but will be easy to break if in the process of cutting wood in a curve or twist. Thin saw blades are recommended for use with twisty cuts, but for high-thickness pieces of wood, the thin saw does not.

The angle of the saw blade

The angle of the saw blade is conventional when you look straight at the saw blade from front to back. The vertical line is perpendicular to the vision of the eye along with the inclination of the serrated angle forming the angle of the serrated. The larger this angle means the faster cutting speed and circuit breaker, the smaller the corner means synonymous with smooth cutting but the cutting speed will slow down.

So, of course, the saw blades will have a large angle of saw teeth (usually 20 degrees). While cutting blades for multi-angle sliding saws (ensuring the smoothness of the cutting circuit) will have a small tooth angle (usually 5 degrees). Balanced multi-saw blades between different jobs usually have an angle of 15 degrees.

Cooling for the saw blade immediately after use

Saw blades that come in direct contact with the material during cutting will produce high temperatures. If you use a saw blade for too long a cut, it will cause the blade to break or deform. So the best advice is to cool the saw blades or let the saw blades stop working if you cut them for a long time.

To sum up

The above are some considerations when choosing the right saw blade, hope you will use the saws effectively and safely.

An overview of the staple gun and its applications in our life

In my opinion, the name “ a staple gun” is not too strange for many people especially, people who are professional workers. It can be said that the staple gun is one of the most important devices that is created by the intelligence and creation of human nowadays. Besides, with the continuous development of society nowadays, the appearance of many smart machines especially, the staple gun can be considered as the best successes of the human in life. Each modern machine has its important applications in many different areas of society such as the construction industry, the carpentry industry, the agricultural industry, and the mechanical industry. So in this article, let me introduce to you the general information about the staple gun and its application in our life.

Some common features that we need to know when mentioning about the staple gun

The first thing that I want to share with you is the question “ what is a staple gun”. The reason is that I think many of us just hear about the name but we do not understand the definition of this name. so a staple gun is a handheld machine that is designed to force the metal staples into the materials such as paper, wood, plastic, and maybe metal. It can be said that the staple gun is one of the most important successes of human nowadays. The stapling machine can be applied in many important fields of society and the benefits that it brings us we can not count. Besides, thanks to the staple machine, we can work more effectively.

Three types of staple gun

We can see that nowadays, there are so many different staple guns on our market with different types, colors, and functions. That makes us have an overwhelming choice to choose the best staple gun for our needs and our conditions. However, we also get some troubles with it, because we will not know how to choose the appropriate staple machine if we are not professional workers. Besides, it can be very easy for us to see many kinds of staple gun in machine stores and markets. So we do not need to worry about how to buy the staple gun and where to buy it. Depending on the energy supply, we divide the staple machine into three main types including the electric staple gun, the manual staple gun, and the compressed air staple gun. Each type of staple machine will have different structures, features, and functions. However, both of them are also designed with a compact and simple design and they are very easy for users to work with them. So I will show you about each kind of this machine here to help you choose the appropriate staple machine easier.

  1. The manual staple gun: a manual staple machine is a machine that is designed to used in lighter and simpler purposes than the electric and compressed air staple gun. It mostly is used to staple light materials like paper. So it is very popular with people who work in the offices. Moreover, the manual staple gun is designed more compact and simpler than other kinds of a staple gun, so we can work with this machine in any places that we want even where there is no electricity grid or small places. That is one of the most important features that many people choose to use it. Besides, the manual staple gun uses the strength of the hands to force the metal staple into the materials so, this machine is cheaper than other staple guns. However, sometimes we would feel tired and bored when we work with this machine.
  2. The electric staple gun: this machine is designed more convenient than the manual staple gun because the electric staple gun uses the electric supply to staple materials. Besides, the electric staple gun can help us staple the materials quickly and accurately. That is one of the most important features that make it become popular with many people. However, the electric staple machine is more expensive than the manual staple machine on the market nowadays, because we need to use the electric to staple material. The electric staple machine includes two types that are the cordless staple gun and the corded staple gun. Each type of electric staple machine has its advantages and disadvantages. So we can choose one of them to our needs that is suitable for our conditions and our needs.
  3. The pneumatic staple gun or the compressed air staple gun: it can be considered as the most powerful staple machine. Why did I say that? The reason is that the pneumatic staple machine is often suitable for professional construction tasks. This machine can easily work at a high speed with the heavy materials and bring us with high accuracy and efficiency. The pneumatic staple machine has a lightweight however, it needs to be connected with a compressed machine to staple the materials. So that can make this machine more difficult to move to other places than the manual staple gun and the electric staple gun.

In conclusion

It can not deny that the staple machine is very important in many important areas in our life. With the information that I share in this article, I wish you could get and choose the best staple gun for your needs.

Slime kits are child’s favorite toy but extremely dangerous

The new toy called “Slime” attracted a large number of “fans”, mainly students from level 1 and 2. Thanks to its enchanting appearance and extremely flexible texture, slime is one of the most popular toys in children. However, according to the recent report, the use of slime toys has many harmful effects. Large amounts of chemicals in slam can cause diarrhea, seizures and even affect the fertility of children. However, what slime is and whether it is safe for human health use? Don’t take your eyes off the article below to get a better understanding!

What is Slime?

Slime is a sticky plastic made from sodium borate compounds, borax and water mixed. The slime structure is quite thick, like glue and has many different eye-catching colors. It is soft, flexible and tough like rubber, easily transforming in many forms. It was inspired by monsters that can transform themselves to escape the pursuit of enemies, slime is also known as “spooky mucus”.

The origin of Slime

The original origin of slime came from leading retailer Mattel, which first appeared in 1976 and was produced primarily from guar gum, a powdered product extracted from guar seeds.

Since then, a number of different variants have been created with extremely diverse, colorful and sparkling textures, combined with eye-catching and addictive videos created by spread slime online players.

Slime attracted a lot of young people, especially elementary and middle school levels because of its variety of colors, shapes and unmatched “transformation” abilities.

So why is slime being warned as a dangerous toy?

Parents have been warned that a large number of the slime toys they are using may contain Boron four times higher than the European safety limit.

After investigating the Slam toy products that the children bought on the market, the researcher found that eight of the 11 slam products often violate EU regulations because the amount of Boron is higher than the safe limit. all they contain.

Therefore, the consumer company advised parents to approach the slime cautiously and encourage them to be alert for homemade slime products.

 The reason is that some people often call borax, made up of Boron, which is a harmful chemical used as a cleaning product and can cause serious burns in children.

  • Burn hands by making slime at home

Often the ingredients for making quality slime include flour, paste, water, toothpaste, food color, etc. If the soap is made from natural substances or made from standard chemicals, it is not toxic. Conversely, if it is made from unknown chemicals, floating in the market, there is a risk of hand burns and allergies.

Slime is really a toy that attracts young children because it has many colors, soft, easy to handle. Even, I have learned by myself the tutorials on making slime on the internet to satisfy creativity and passion for this toy.

To self-prepare slime at home, it is necessary to use a variety of materials including borax – a chemical compound commonly used in cleaning, disinfectants or used to freeze or soften. The welding is also in the mouth solution for children, so babies often buyback to make slime, concentration up to 20% over time these chemicals seep into the hands leading to burns on the hands young.

  •   Moreover, with eye-catching colors and plasticity of “spooky mucus”, babies under 5 years old can be put into their mouths at any time because they think … marshmallows!
  • Furthermore, excessive levels of Boron can also cause vomiting, cramps, and irritation. Especially, high rates of Boron may also cause adverse effects on fertility.

Warn parents about harmful ingredients in children’s Slime toys:

If you have school-age children, you can be very aware of the latest slime craze that is becoming roaring at the playground for children who are extremely immensely interested in it.

Parents who buy slime let their children always assume that these toys are safe, but with information indicating that their children may be in danger with toxic toys such as slime, they may be shocked. Among the tested products, slime is the worst type of toy in terms of extremely high levels of Boron, containing 1,400 mg/kg of Boron – four times more than the allowed level of 300mg / kg, to be dangerous to children’s health.

Note for parents

Children should be limited to play this toy if you buy it, you need to understand carefully that kind of slime, choose those with natural materials, clear origin.

Do not let children do slime by following clips on the network to avoid burns.

Parents need to let children wash their hands after contact with slime and supervise their children when playing to avoid unexpected situations.


Hopefully, through this article, it will help parents know about harm and pay more attention to this slime toy when playing to help protect their baby to avoid the unfortunate situation.