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Top good woodworking dust masks for carpenters

The industry is generating, and carpentry has also become more popular. However, this job affects human health significantly by wood humus and dirt during work. Therefore, to ensure health, finding an effective dust mask for woodworking and suitable for users is extremely necessary. Therefore, to ensure health, finding an effective dust mask for woodworking and ideal for users is extremely necessary.

NeoMask dust masks

NeoMask masks are a line of woodworking dust masks that are widely used in the market today. This mask makes of Neo – Prene, a material that does not cause skin allergy and good elasticity. Therefore, it is easy to adapt to all faces, along with the filter element made of activated carbon in cloth. NeoMask respirators provide a means of protecting the user’s respiratory tract from common contaminants.

NeoMask filters can completely prevent the inhalation of most of the dirt during working in the timber workshop as well as other working environments. Besides, it can also prevent pollutants in the air: Hydro Carbon, Carbon monoxide, Sulfur dioxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Photochemicalal pollutants, Black Smoke, Lead oxide, …

Product characteristics:

  • NeoMask high-end masks protect people’s health against air pollution, apply foreign technologies and technologies with entirely imported manufacturing materials.
  • NeoMask casing makes of Neoprene. It is a non-allergenic material, with good elasticity and elasticity to ensure the mask is full of all openings. At the same time, it also helps people of all ages can use it to fit the face.
  • NeoMask filters make of 100% activated carbon (Activated Carbon Cloth – ACC). This filter prevents entry into the airways of most airborne contaminants and dirt in the workplace.
  • Quality products have recognized:

ACC achieved ISO 9001 / ISO 13485 certification

ACC achieved EN 46001 certification

Products with BFE 95% bactericidal effect tested at Nelson Laboratories (USA)

User manual:

Step 1: Place the mask comfortably between the bridge of the nose and the chin.

Step 2: Pull the two rings around the back of the neck and attach the mask by sticking two pieces of gauze tape together.

Step 3: Adjust the aluminum clips to fit the bridge of the nose to ensure all gaps closed.

Step 4: Check for tightness: Place both hands on the sides of your face and breathe deeply. Tie the mask tighter if the air is still draining around the edges of the cover.

Step 5: The tension can adjust by crossing two pieces of gauze.

Xiaomi brand mask Purely

Nowadays, dust masks for woodworking are like an object not separated from all people. It is not only high protective equipment for workers who often work with wood planers, paint sprayers, saws, but it is also a great companion for everyone when going out.

Features of Purely brand Xiaomi masks

  • This mask can filter up to 99% of particulate matter with a diameter greater than or equal to 2.5 micrometers (PM2.5). According to the research of scientists, these particles are especially dangerous to our health because they can penetrate directly into the human lung. Therefore, when equipped with a Purely mask, users can be relatively assured of its protection against pollutants.
  • However, the unique feature of this mask is that it fits with a small fan inside. Besides the ability to dispel dust, it also helps users reduce the sense of mystery when wearing a mask in the summer. Users can activate and adjust the speed of this fan at the press of a button. Xiaomi announced a battery life of 4-8 hours (depending on speed). When the battery runs out, users can charge via the micro USB port is also built. With this highlight, it has attracted a lot of users for its benefits.
  • During long-term use, dust may attach to fans or filters, reducing the antibacterial ability of the mask. At this point, users can easily remove each part of the screen to clean and replace. Even in the case of users who do not need to use fans, Xiaomi also equipped with a filter and a separate cover to be able to install and replace.
  • We can easily see that the benefits of Xiaomi masks are apparent, primarily to protect consumers’ health very effectively. However, the design is so unique, so unique that maybe not everyone will dare to use it.
  • In the future, as users increasingly realize the importance of health, woodworking dust masks like Purely can become a new trend for everyone to select. By then, this is one of the top-quality choices you can find.

Karibon Max Air masks

Karibon Max Air mask is one of the best products suitable for many workers. The design is thick with six layers of protection containing activated carbon, two one-way breathing valves, and many color options at a reasonable price to suit the user. It is also the advantage of the Karibon Max Air mask, so this is also a product trusted by many people in many countries.

Features of Karibon Max Air mask:

  • Using filter is activated carbon 100% pressed into the fabric (imported) to filter polluting emissions and workplace dust such as wood dust, sawdust.
  • Using multiple layers of activated carbon film prevents 99% of microscopic particles from entering the airways.
  • The crust is natural silk or breathable, breathable cotton.
  • Smooth, adjustable ear straps. Soft and firm nose clip. Therefore, it always creates a snug fit on the face.
  • A vital feature of this type of respirator is that it can be washed often and without having to remove the filter.

Unicharm 3D anti-virus mask

Unicharm 3D Virus Block virus mask is a product imported directly from Japan. It owns the latest research from Unicharm experts to protect the health of consumers.

  • A high-density multilayer filter mask will help prevent up to 99% of virus spread. An impressive 3D design that encapsulates your face without causing breathing problems. It also helps to retain heat and moisture in the nose and throat in the winter.
  • The elastic strap is more natural to adjust.
  • Note, to use this mask most effectively; you should only use this mask once.

To sum up

Today on the market, there are many types of gas masks with different models and characteristics. People use masks not only to beautify, avoid sunlight, cover dust but also to prevent transmission of respiratory diseases. However, depending on the needs and purpose of use, you should choose for yourself the most appropriate woodworking dust mask to protect your health.

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